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(for poetry manuscripts)
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Able Muse Write Prize

(for poetry & flash fiction)
~ $500 each for winning poem & winning story ~


Olivia Ellis (not verified)

My son created a prototype of my manuscript with blurp to create one copy for me as a Christmas present.

When family members saw it, they wanted a copy.  He ordered more until relatives were happy.  Blurb has not been asked to sell it, nor have any book stores seen it.  Surely that is not previously published!   Could you clarify if I am welcome to  present a manuscript to your poetry contest?

Thank you for answering, Alex.


Hello, Olivia,

I'm seeing your note too late for the answer to apply to 2018. However, I'm still replying to clarify things for the next contest (and for those who might have a similar question). The short answer to your question is that given what you've described, no, it has not been previously published and can be entered in the contest.



Leslie Kain (not verified)

Do you publish novels, and if so, what genre?

Thank you.


Hello Leslie,

Yes, we do, and they tend toward the literary-type novels.



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